Diving Into Digital Media

Diving Into Digital Media

August 23, 2018

SM has been triumphant in creating an upscale image for its malls where people can go and have an enjoyable and entertaining experience with their families. With this, SM realizes the advantages digital displays could give to tenants and consignors who would like to advertise their brands and services not to mention the high viewership that can be gained from the large foot and vehicular traffic count SM generates.

In 2016, with the rising popularity of the mobile game Pokemon Go, SM was one of the first to hold “lure drop parties” for the avid players of the game in all of its malls nationwide. A large foot and vehicular traffic were observed during this one-day event. The image of the Pokemon ball was shown on the SM MOA Sphere and garnered hundreds of likes from social media.

Photos courtesy of https://www.smsupermalls.com/post/sm-mounts-phl-s-biggest-pokmon-go-lure-party

Other creative and versatile content are also sure to engage viewers. SM’s outdoor LED screens may feature personal messages (wedding proposals and birthday greetings are common requests), selfie or groupie shots of mall goers tied up with a campaign, promotional advertisement (ad exposure can be timed together with the Mall’s sale), brand campaigns, and ads that jive with the thematic activities of the mall (such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, etc.) which are just a few of the possibilities.

Scott Ian Powell and Florife Malaluan-Powell photos by Sophia Photography